VTech dm111 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

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VTech dm111 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

The safety of your young one is one of the most important things you could have secured as a parent. At this time and age, most parents are in the working class and given that most people do what they do for the passion, they would feel compelled to have some time pursuing what they love to do. Imagine being an interior designer and sitting all day with your mind running on new ideas you could implement but you can’t even draft them down as you look after your baby. However, we can all thank tech since it has got our back. If at all you are in such a position similar to this or even in other fields, then I can assure you that what you need right now to help you out is in this is the VTECH baby monitor. Having been in this field for long I can confidently tell you then you can have some peace of mind while working or even while grabbing a few hours of sleep and still be assured that your baby is safe. Without any further ado let’s jump right into it and explore a bit about the DM111 series of VTECH baby breathing monitors.


  1. DECT digital audio technology

Earning the trust of your baby breathing monitor to have your back at all times is one of the achievements that VTECH has capitalized on. Given that it works highly by transmitting of audio, you would expect that their audio transmission top notch and they have not disappointed in this. DECT 6.0 technology is an advanced technology that allows you to get a clear transmission by filtering off external sounds. This means that it eliminates all background noises while you move from room to room. Awesome, right? It also has a monitor and a transponder as well.

  1. Long-range

Getting a monitor that will give you enough room to work or even move is one of the best that a baby breathing monitor can give you. It would beat all logic to have a baby breathing monitor that does not give you even space to be away from your baby. Having dinner with your next-door neighbor should not be a problem when it comes to the VTECH baby monitor. It has a wavelength range of 1500 ft. and an extra 50% extra range. How cool is that? Despite the fact that the extra 750 ft. will not be as strong as the first 1500 ft. trust me it will do you some real good when you want to have some time on your backyard or lawn as your baby has a nap. The good thing about this range is that it is not hindered by obstacles such as walls and this allows you to be comfortable even in other rooms other than your baby’s nursery and still know what is happening.

  1. Sound alert

Most babies are quite unpredictable and given that you as a parent are still learning them and their health patterns and behaviors, you will need to have an eye on them at all times. However since you cannot always be there at all times, you will definitely need a baby movement monitor that you can trust. This monitor strictly observes breathing patterns and in the vent that there is no movement for 20 seconds on your baby it sets off an alarm that is quite loud and audible. You cannot miss this alarm at all cost. It has five sound levels which you can adjust accurately depending on your kind of setting and it also has a mute functionality wit it as well. However, that does not leave you vulnerable since it has an led signal system that alerts you in case of anything and can even be a combination of both led and sound.

  1. Battery backup

The monitor uses alkaline batteries which have a very impressive lifeline and this comes in handy when you are away from power r source or even when you are traveling. However, having in mind that it has an additional 50% extended wavelength, you can attach the parent monitor to a/c power used to boost the signal. This way even the additional wavelength will be much stronger. The baby monitor and the parent unit operate separately and can be attached to a power source without the other being affected.

  1. Belt clip

Portability is one of the functionality that any parent would really appreciate In a baby breathing monitor and given also the fact that you can move around with the monitor with no extra luggage will do you some real good. With this in mind, the VTECH baby monitor had been made in such a way that it can be easily attached to your belt, pocket or shirt. This leaves your hands free and your mind in peace. The baby monitor is not attached to the baby in any way and this assures your baby of comfort and has no implications on your baby’s skin at whatever cost.

  1. Digital transmission

Having a secure digital transmission in a baby monitor is a great stride in the right direction. The VTECH monitor offers secure digital audio transmission protects you from interference effortlessly, giving you a private, encrypted audio connection. This gets better as you’ll experience clear, static-free sound allowing you to get a clear transmission from your baby and leaving no room for doubt or guessing. Given that this monitor has no heavy-duty kind of transmission, it allows it to perfect in audio transmission giving you quality.

Taking care of your baby is not that hard after all, as you can see it has never been easier than this, being a working-class parent or even a single parent with numerous other activities to do should not make you incapable of taking care of your child. Another upside to the VTECH monitor is that it only receives transmission form its transponder and the fact that there is another monitor in range will in no way affect your transmission.


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