Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor

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Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Baby Monitor

summer infant babble band wearable audio baby monitor

Digital parenting is the 21st century kind of parenting where you take care of your baby like a champ. Digital parenting allows you comfort, peace and you can as well blend it with some style and fashion, it is all there for you. Summer infant bubble band wearable audio monitor has all the specifications you can ask for in a baby monitor. It has actually been medically proven to be on the best monitors and it use has been inducted in most homes and even in hospitals. It allows you to have high definition audio of your baby at all times and it is really easy to use and has no health implications on your baby and did I mention that it is one of the most durable monitors in the market. Let’s talk all about its specs ad you will be making your order in no time. If you are looking for a blend of effectiveness, quality and simplicity then this is definitely what you are looking for.


  1. Digital audio

The babble band is quite good at what it does but in precision and quality. You will realize that once you have this with you, you reduce so much pressure. It has really clear audio alert that you cannot afford to miss since the parent monitor is on your wrist. It has a distinct yet clear alert that is triggered when there is an issue with your baby. You are in a position to hear when your baby wakes up and also get to pick up if there are any other external distractions of any kind within the vicinity of your bay. This means that you can as well protect your baby’s peace at all time. In case you have other kids and they are fond of waking your angel up for some playtime, then you will be alerted of this at all time. You will be able to know of your baby’s happy moments and sad times all through.

  1. Wearable parent wristband

Now, most monitor shave a walkie-talkie kind of gadget that the parent has to walk with at all times and this, means that in the event that they keep it down or have their hands full, it will be of less effectiveness. However, as the name suggests, the babble band has a parent wrist band that the parent wears at all times just similar to a watch and can be adjusted according to size, whether you have smaller wrist or a larger one, you are covered. The wristband has functionalities that got you covered such as it is waterproof and this will allow you to not only walk with it in all-weather but all work with t as well. It has a battery lifeline of 8 hours after which you can recharge it. Pretty amazing, right? The wristband is compatible with its transcoding monitor only, making sure that in the event that there is a similar device in the vicinity, you are covered. It also has a holder on the transponder monitor, which allows you to attach them together when you don’t need it.

  1. Rechargeable battery.

The battery lifeline of baby monitors is always one of the major questions asked when people are looking to buy and this should be made easier by the fact that the babble band has an 8-hour battery lifeline before you have to connect it to a power source. However since no of the devices is connected to your baby, it makes it easy for you to connect it to the power as it continues monitoring. The monitor should be at least 1 meter away from the baby and we can all agree that more than enough safe space from electricity away from your baby. The wrist band actually has the same feeling as watch and is comfy and most people will look at it hoping to find out what time it is.

  1. Super range

With a range of 250 meters, between the parent wrist and the baby monitor, I present you the babble band baby movement monitor. This is the same length with most cruise ships, so you can be sure that at all times you are sure you are within range. The good thing about the range is that it alerts you of when you are going off the range and you can be sure not to wander off without your knowledge. The range gives warning from around 160 meters away through an led beeping signal but still allows you a clear connection to your baby.

  1. Alert system

The babble wrist band baby monitor work slightly different from other monitors as it gives you a sound feed of all that is happening and from a distance away from your baby and you are able to tell of movement even under the blanket. This means that you can tell when your baby is in distress and when they wake up and when it is all quiet you can be sure they are sound asleep. However it has an alert system which is a combination of an LED light which blinks continuously until you act on it, a clear audible alarm system that is triggered and a vibration functionality that will definitely get your attention no matter what you are doing. This ensures that you never miss an update on your baby’s welfare at all times.

  1. Portable

Having a day out with your baby, a walk at the beach or a stroll at the park has now been made possible as the babble band monitor is very light and highly portable with no added weights. It goes I handy for long trips as well all thanks to its great power functionality.

Comfort, safety, and style all in one package as promised. Trust it is worth every penny you spend on it as its durability is out of the question. Parents have reviewed this product and said that it has helped them raise more than one of their babies. What else could you possibly be looking for?

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