Snuza HE Baby Movement Monitor

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Snuza HE Baby Movement Monitor

Caring for the welfare of a baby comes by naturally to any parent. And this gets even strong er in the event where the baby was born under life-threatening situations. At this time and age, we can only be grateful that tech has got us covered. Thanks to the technological advancements made every day, we now have baby monitors that got our backs even when we are not there. However, it is of importance that we understand that these baby movement monitors do not all work the same. This will be effectively achieved by doing a clean breakdown on them. Some baby monitors come in highly recommended than others depending on what they can do and the features that they have.

Snuza HE is one of a kind of baby movement monitor that has taken over the market. They not only have invested time and money in their products but also quality through research. How is this so? Allow me to walk you through this product and at the end, you will be more than convinced that this is the exact baby movement monitor that you need for you angel.


  1. Attachment clip

One of the features that clearly distinguish baby monitors is how they are worn or how they are attached to your baby’s body. This in itself determines factors such as portability, security and even convenience. The snuza has been made in such a way that it has a clip that is fixed onto the baby’s diapers and is quite firm which means that it does not come off easily whenever your baby moves and you can rest assured that your baby monitor is as effective as it was meant to be.  This feature allows you to monitor your baby at all times no matter the activity they are involved in. Given that many parents really enjoy taking their kids out, it will only be fair to have a gadget that gives you the pleasure of portability. The snuza does not have direct contact to your abys skin which means that despite the fact that your baby’s skin is highly sensitive, you can ease up on this since it has no contact to the body and would have no harm at all to your baby. The attachment clip could be attached to a variety of surfaces such as diapers or nay other wear that you baby has. Given that it also comes in a variety of colors, you will have an easy time baba lancing between fashion and security.

  1. Rechargeable Batteries.

All electronic devices use a source of power, and depending on the manufacturer, they all vary. For the snuza baby movement monitor, it has a rechargeable battery that comes with it and this means that you are covered 24/7. How? You ask. The battery has a lifespan of 2000 hours and this is enough time for you to carry our lots of activities before having to get the hustle of getting another battery. Alternatively, given that it is removable, you can have an extra battery just in case you are traveling and would love to have a keen eye on your baby.

  1. Alarm

An alarm system in any baby monitor is one of the most important things. Having a baby monitor with a weak or no alarm system would simply be useless. The Snuza baby movement monitor has got you covered on this. They have an alarm system that is quite loud and really audible. It has a distinct voice that you wouldn’t mistake for any other. The alarm system is triggered by the motion sensor that is set to observe movement and in the event that it detects no movement for 20 seconds, it automatically sets off the alarm. It would be really nagging and irritating to have a false alarm every now and then from the very device that you have entrusted the safety of your baby, this is why the snuza has been precisely calibrated to handle this. And to avoid this even better they introduced something new in the market. They have a very amazing and medically proven vibration feature that acts as a first aid feature and that is only on this device. How does this work though?

  1. Vibration feature

The snuza has a motion sensor that accurately keeps track of movement and in the absence of movement for 15 seconds, it has a vibration feature that is strong enough to jerk your baby up. This is with no doubt the most advanced baby monitor. This can give you a good night’s rest knowing that even in the event of an occurrence, it has got your back. The snuza does this after no movement for 15 seconds and in the event that this is repeated thrice, then it automatically upgrades it to the next level and automatically sets off the alarm. This has been a real lifesaver for many babies. This feature acts on your best of interest before you react to the alarm and also for people who do not know what to do. Awesome, right?

  1. Activation sound

Many people have often reported that at one time or another they attached a baby movement monitor to their baby but forget to turn it on. This is the kind of thing that could give any parent shivers. The snuza has a gentle clicking sound that immediately alerts you that it is on, making sure that you never leave with the assumption of having switched it on.

Another really impressive thing about this monitor is that it can alert you on a change of patterns or when your baby begins having weak breathing pattern. This could come in really handy and be a lifesaver.

Having this in mind, and the fact that you want the best for your baby, I could only imagine that the snuza is the best monitor that has yet been produced. Being the only one with a first aid mechanism, I can think of no better monitor, after all, I do believe that you should get the best out of everything.

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