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NANNY Baby Movement European Monitor

Did you know that three out of five children in the United States use baby movement monitors?  Parenting is fun when you think of it, but when it comes to the real deal; it tends to have some unforeseen implications and emotional strings attached to it. It can be quite a thrill and a headache for first-time parents and career people but come to think of it, with a baby breathing monitor, there is nothing you wouldn’t be able to do. I tend to think that there is no easier era to raise a baby than the present one. How is this so? And an even better question. What are baby monitors? Baby monitors are gadgets that are fitted with sensors and monitor the movement of your baby due to factors such as breathing and in the event that no movement is detected for a given span on time, it sets off an alarm that will call for immediate help. There are many types of monitors depending on the manufacturer, the intended use and the target market. However, I do believe that it best to make an informed decision at all times which is why I will be giving you an accurate breakdown on the Nanny Baby movement European monitor.

Imagine having to keep an eye on your baby at all times and having restless nights worrying about the safety of our baby. What if I told you I can give you a nanny that will help you keep an eye on your baby as you do something else? Intriguing, right? Let me give you a breakdown of what the nanny baby movement monitor is capable of doing.


  1. Alarm system.

The main reason behind getting a baby breathing monitor is to ‘keep an eye’ on your baby even when not there physically and know exactly what is going on. To this effect, the nanny breathing monitor is set in such a way that it sets off a highly audible alarm system that will alert you of an irregular breathing pattern or when your baby is not breathing at all. However, it also gives a visual kind of alarm system, making sure that you cannot miss it. The alarm system has been systematically calibrated to enhance precision. This means that when you have this monitor in your house you can comfortably grab a good night’s sleep without having to worry about your baby or false alarms.

  1. Rechargeable battery

Being an electronic device, it is only logical that is has a power source to power it up. Unlike some other devices, it uses rechargeable batteries that can take you for a long time before going off. A gadget is only as good as its battery. It uses two lithium batteries and given that the battery is connected to a control unit, this means that it runs at no risk of electrocuting your baby or even radiations. Monitoring your baby and maintaining their safety is one of the best things that any parent would want to do for their kids.

  1. Movement sensor

The nanny, as many like to call it, has a really accurate and highly sensitive sensor. It keeps track of your baby’s movement patterns from their diaphragm. It also goes further to record the strength of your baby’s breathing and it immediately creates an alarm when the breathing is weak or when it stops. In the event that there is no motion for 20 seconds, it immediately raises and alar that5 you cannot afford to miss. The movement sensor is however calibrated ins such a way that it is not affected by noise from outside, meaning that it will do an accurate analysis and reduce by all means false alarms. The movement sensor is one of the most important components in the monitor and would be useless without the monitor. Having fine-tuned it only means that you as a parent will be more comfortable grabbing a few hours of sleep and leaving your baby to play without having to worry every second.

  1. Pre-warnings

This, nanny baby movement monitor, watches over your baby even when you sleep or when engaged in something else. It has however been designed in such a way that it gives an earlier warning to the mother for action to be taken. This has proven to be effective, other than other monitors that will raise an alarm only when things are out of hand.

With all this in mind, it is much easier for you to understand the reason as to why the nanny baby breathing monitor is approved by the EU for use in not only homes but also hospitals. It has been approved as the CE medical device by the European Union authority as it complies with part 15 of the FCC rules, and with CPSIA. I do believe that your child should have the best especially when it comes to their health.

Having such a monitor will even give you a good night’s sleep knowing that it has got your back. Its user-friendly design allows you to blend with almost any area and since it does not need to be connected to a power source to work, it assures of safety. It is however not portable while compared to other baby movement monitors, which makes it suitable for your baby’s bed but not for traveling. Another thing that makes many parents fall in love with it is because it does not have direct contact to the baby’s skin and given how sensitive a baby’s skin is you can rest assured that it is covered. It is also not attached to your baby at any time.

This monitor has come in highly recommended and has attracted lots of support from various numeral medical institutions. Research done earlier in the year has proven that it is yet again the best option to go for as far as baby movement monitors are concerned.

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