How to Choose Baby Breathing Monitors

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How to Choose Baby Breathing Monitors

Babies are a bundle of joy and you never know how precious they are until you have one of your own. This is the simple reason as to why parents will invest all they have and even go to the extent of sacrificing some pleasures for their kid to have the best. This, however, does not start two years into it, as a matter of fact; it starts immediately the baby is born. Some babies are born under circumstances that are life-threatening and this means that they need slightly more attention than the rest. These kids will need you, as a parent to keep an eye over them at all times. And having a baby at this time and age is one of the best things that can happen to you. With a blend of technology and human touch, that’s the best parenting there could be.

Keeping an eye on your baby is made easier day after day by highly advanced baby monitors that cover motion, breathing and also helps you visually monitor your baby. However, choosing a monitor is not as easy as it sounds. There are many awesome reviews that you can use with a compilation of some of the best baby monitors in the market. This equips you with all the facts and figures you need before you make a purchase. A good review will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the product description and also give a compilation of what other users had to say about the product. Which better way is there to analyze a product that gets people’s comments? However, if you are in the market hunting for a baby breathing monitor, worry not as I will give you a breakdown of how to choose the perfect baby monitor for your baby.

When looking for a baby monitor these are some major factors that should drive you;

  1. Health condition of your baby

Babies are really delicate and how you take care of them is mostly determined by the kind of delivery and their health condition. Everyone prays for a normal delivery with no complications but if it doesn’t come as planned then more precise measures have to be taken. Some kids are delivered under life-threatening conditions and their lives are at risk, for such you will need to keep an eye on them 24/7. With this in mind, you will go for a monitor that gives you both audio and visual access. Some babies often have conditions where they lack to breathe for a couple of seconds, which may be really fatal, For such a case it is best that you go for a monitor that not only gives you an alert but also has a first aid measure in place. Some monitors create a vibration strong enough to resuscitate a baby.

  1. Age of your baby

Babies at different ages are handled differently and as they grow, things become less tight as they were previously. A one-year-old will need much more care and this means that your monitor has to be able to serve you with precision. You can opt for one that your baby sleeps on as it monitors even the slightest of changes, other than the ones that are attached to clothes. As a baby grows and starts rolling or even moving around you will need to change to one that they can have on them even as they move. Look for a monitor that has all you need in one package.

  1. Size of your house

Baby monitors work on a certain wavelength and once that wavelength is exceeded it will cut its connection. The size of your house is one of the major factors as it will determine whether you will maintain constant contact and also whether you can hear the alert when it is raised. In the event that you have a wide area, you may need to consider a monitor that gives you good wavelength to allow you to maintain contact, otherwise, it will beat the logic to having it.

  1. Scope of activities.

Most parents still want to maintain their ‘freedom’ to do what they used to do before they brought their bundle of joy to this world, and that is respectable but where does the line cut in this. In the event you want to assume normal duties without distraction, you may want to go for a monitor that gives you audio access, video access, records video footage and is loaded with lullabies. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to take some time off and in the vent, you are engaged throughout, you will be covered. Get a monitor that will allow you to comfortably have dinner at your neighbor’s house while still keeping an eye on your kid at home.

  1. Number of children to monitor

Baby monitors are all wired differently, and with the time I have interacted with the different brands, I can tell you that some monitors will work best on one baby at a time simply because it is highly sensitive even to the surrounding. In the event that you have twin, triplets or even quadruplets, you will need a monitor that monitors and individual baby and that will not fail simply because it is getting external interference. In this case, you need to go for a monitor that is attached to an individual baby and this will ensure individual attention. After all, you need to be covered all along and ensure the safety of all your kids.

  1. Durability

Baby monitors act as digital nannies that can only watch and call for help and in some instances perform first aid. With this in mind, you have to be able to rely on them. By relying on them I mean, how long does it take for the monitor before it goes off due to power, or what is its lifespan? Baby monitors should be able to serve you for quite some time, give, for example, the sock monitor, comes with a pack of three which means you will be covered even when you clean it up. Power is one of the major limiting factors in baby monitors, however since they are made differently, some of them will have spare batteries, and some are recharged while others do not need it. Monitors that use cables to transmit information are quite disadvantaged as compared to their counterparts using a wireless connection. This means that they are safe and more durable. Monitoring your baby should not cost you an extra penny from your original purchase.

  1. Portability

Are you fond of taking road trips or visiting friends from time to time but still want to give the best to your baby? If yes then the kind of monitor that you need to look for is the kind that is portable and that is attached to your baby. This means that even in the event that you are away from your baby you are assured of their safety. Monitors that are fixed with CCTV will be less effective in such a case as they are only good in the room where they are installed. Also, a portable monitor will allow you to increase your scope of operation since you can bring the baby along as you increase your scope, keeping the baby quite a distance for you to work but close enough for you to monitor their progress. With a monitor that can achieve this then you can pack your bags ready to explore.

  1. Health implications

The real essence of having a baby monitor is basically keeping an eye on your baby without having to be physically there. It is geared towards ensuring your baby’s health is kept at an all-time high. With this in minds, it will only be wise to go for a monitor that will enhance this. I tend to believe that the best monitors are wireless monitors. The simple reasoning behind this is because babies can get entangled in the wires and it wouldn’t end well, having a baby in distress would not go really well at the end and may have a permanent effect on them. Also despite the fact that some monitors have to be attached to the body of your baby, how does this affect their fragile skin and body? There has been a couple of concerns concerning a monitor that leaves a mark on the baby since it is too tight. However, I do believe that there are, much better monitors in the market.

  1. Precision

There is nothing as urgent as hearing baby monitor going off time and again on your baby, this may lead you to believe that there is something really wrong with your baby even when it is a false alarm. False alarms have caused many people to stop using baby monitors or rather change too much better ones. Getting a monitor that is precise and that gives little or no false alerts is quite comforting and will assure you of peaceful night sleep. The bad thing with false alarms is that once you get used to them you might end up ignoring a real alarm thinking that it was just another false alarm.

  1. Added advantage

I do believe that in everything you should get the best out of it. With this said, it will only be fair to say that you need to go for a baby monitor that will give you an all-around kind of experience. Think of a baby monitor with a high wavelength, portable, high battery lifespan, with a first aid plan, with audio-visual capabilities and one that has lullabies just to add some icing to the cake. Always go for a monitor that has either all or most of these factors.

I trust that with this in mind, you will definitely go for the right baby breathing monitor for your angel. You can never go wrong when you are this equipped. Look at all the Nitti gritty before making a purchase.


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