Best Audio Monitors for Baby’s Nursery

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Best Audio Monitors for Baby’s Nursery

Getting to decide what is best for your baby is a lifelong job of any parent which is why parents will at times get involved in who will their children get married to as well, but all this start right from birth. From choosing a name and choosing what diaper brand to go for and how to decorate your baby’s room is all part of the package. However, I do believe that in choosing the best baby monitor for your baby, you should make that decision when you are well endowed and equipped with all info, after all, information is power. Having dealt with baby breathing monitors for the longest period of my life, I can tell you that not all monitors are the same which is why I will give you a detailed breakdown of the best monitors to go for and even recommend to a friend. I have brought together a couple of baby monitors and extracted a review from their functionality and customer review from them. Here is what came from it.

  1. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor

This is one of the best baby movement sensors in the market as it has a combination of a movement sensor and a sound monitor as well. It has an under the mattress pad on which you place your baby as they sleep and it senses every of your baby’s movement and sets off an alarm if there is no movement for 20 seconds. the monitor offers continuous or voice-activated sound transmission from the sensor and transmits real-time evaluation with no delay. It uses lithium rechargeable batteries which have a lifeline of 6 hours after which you can recharge at will. Given that a baby monitor is supposed to give you the leeway to have some time away from your baby but still have updates on what is happening, it has a very impressive wavelength of 900 ft. from the baby, which allows you to move along that radius and will give you an alert when you are about to leave the radius just to be sure you are aware by using a flashing LED light and a beeping sound. The monitor also has a temperature display as well from where you can know the room temperature and whether your baby is at any risk. This has come in real handy when a baby comes down with a fever as it will alert you of a rise in temperature. The sensor pad can be used with any mattress of nay thickness without compromising ti s quality. How cool is that!!! The monitor that transmits the info also has a steady light beam to guide you through in the room such that you can have your way even in the dark as well. After ging a five-star rating, Jeremy said that “

My wife, like many, has a certain level of heightened awareness that can cause her not to sleep. By having this product, she has been able to sleep through the night knowing that our daughter is ok…” He is only one of the thousands of satisfied clients who had previously tried other monitors but had peace with the ANGEL CARE baby movement monitor.


The VTECH DM11 has earned its place in the market as far as audio baby monitors are concerned. It has one of the most advanced digital transmission technology and used DECT 6.0 audio transmission that filters off external noises and will only deliver to you relevant baby movement transmission. It maintains a clear transmission unlike analog transmitters all thanks to its tech team who have ensured quality. it also comes with 5-level sound indicator – graphic bars on the parent unit indicating the level of sound in your baby’s room so you can visually monitor the noise level with the unit muted. This means that you can comfortably go on with your meeting while still silently monitoring whatever is happening in your baby’s nursery without inconveniencing anyone. It also has a belt clip that allows you to clip it on to your belt, shirt or ven pocket allowing you to have your hands free even as you work. This has also contributed to its portability feature and also thanks to its high wavelength transmission range of 1500 feet you can do all your activities at peace. On top of the 1500 feet, it has an extension of 50% range outside the radius. It also has an alert system that will alert you when the signal is weak or lost. You wouldn’t want to rely upon on a disconnected device. After a five star rating, PJ said that “I use this to listen in on my infant grandson when he’s visiting. Although I never thought about using a baby monitor as a caregiver tool, I did after using it for the baby. I now use it to listen in on my aged mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s. It’s very helpful while she is showering and such. I listen in to make sure she hasn’t fallen or anything. This gives her the privacy she wishes for and me the knowledge that she isn’t in danger.”

  1. Summer Infant Baby Wave

Summer is all about the fun which is why the summer infant baby wave want both you and your baby to join in the fun mood.  With highly Advanced Technology ensuring  100% interference-free, private and secure connection, this baby monitor keeps an ear on your baby at all times no matter the time. It has an impressive range of 650 feet within which it gives and alerts as you are about to exit the radius just to inform you that you might get disconnected once outside the given range. It shows this via vibration functionality and a LED light that will go off.  Sound activated LED lights, indicating the level of noise coming from the baby’s room almost similar to the kind of representation by a mixer. This alerts you when things are all noisy and when it is all quiet in the room. It gives you an all-round feed on your baby and what is happening around to inform you of external distractions that may tamper with your bay’s peace. It also has a two-way talkback communication that not only allows you to hear from your baby but also talk to them, a bedtime story never hurts. This is made even better by a nightlight that sets the atmosphere just right for a nap. The summer infant baby wave would not being the top three of my list if it did not monitor the temperature levels in the room as well. It is handheld and can be attached to your belt, shirt or pocket just to ease on portability, It can hereby more effectively alert you of the welfare of your baby and give you s good nights sleep. Suzie Q has found more than one use for it and says “Works great. No background bussing. Clear sound on both devices. I use it for my 96-year-old dad. The temp feature is a plus. At night I can ask my dad what he needs and instruct him without me getting out of bed 100 times a night. Getting better sleep now. “

  1. Philips Avent DECT

Once again, baby monitors have proven to be all unique and others are much better than others despite doing the same job but differently. The Philips Avent DECT has taken the liberty of giving you a secure connection to your baby that can neither be interrupted not hacked into, we can all agree the world has its fair share of both malicious and cheeky people. It gives you A secure private connection to your baby with DECT technology that guarantees zero interference, clear sound, with a range up to 900 feet. The deal extends to giving you a two-way talkback system that you can use to receive feed from your baby as well as talk to them as well. A study done a while ago on children showed that this could create a bond between mother and child very fast. You can play a lullaby from the other end of the room that will send your little angel right back to sleep in an instant. The device also comes with a night light to keep your baby engaged as well as takes feed on the temperature to ensure that it’s neither too hot nor too cold for the comfort of your baby. You will be surprised that some babies are unable to sleep due to the imbalanced temperature levels in their rooms. It has a good range of 330 meters that is kept at a constant indoors and may slightly go upward while outdoor. This range will allow you to cook and clean your house while still having your baby under control. The Philips Avent uses rechargeable batteries that gave a battery life of more than ten hours. After testing and proving it worthy, Tiana ratted it five-star and said “it’s exactly what I needed! I was looking for a monitor I could bring to our cabin or camping where there is no power and needed a monitor where both parts ran off the battery. So the part that I’ll carry (parent one) is a rechargeable battery but it says it lasts 18hrs so I plan on buying an extra rechargeable battery and just making sure I turn it off at night. The part that stays with the baby uses 4 double-A batteries. The best part, that can also plugin! If you’re looking for a monitor that can go further distances too this ones great! I attached a photo of how far I walked away from my house to test it out and it was very clear still through a dip and some trees. This monitor is great!!”


  1. VTECH DM221 monitor

With 1000 feet wavelength range I present to you the VTECH DM 221 monitor. This is another quality product of VTECH that has once again proved that parenting can be as easy as 123. This configuration includes one parent unit (monitor) and one baby unit (audio monitor). The parenting unit is simply used for the parent to see what is being monitored and transmitted by the baby unit. It has also been infused with the DECT 6.0 that provides crystal clear transmission by eliminating the annoying background noise and interference you hear from analog monitors. With this you can be assured that whatever feed you are receiving is exactly what is happening and given that they connect via a wireless connection, you can monitor from quite a distance effortlessly. On top of giving you the benefit of time and distance, it also comes with a two way talk back functionality that allows you to converse to your baby even from the other side. This will surely save you the numerous trips at night since at times all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice. It also comes with a five-level sound indicator on it that works very well even when the device is muted as you can see the voice frequency from your baby’s feed. It has rechargeable batteries that give the parent unit 18 hours of uninterrupted feed from the baby unit. It can also be attached to your belt, shirt or pocket as you walk around to avoid you leaving it behind and leaving your hands free to do some other work as you take care of your baby as well. The VTECH DM221 is quite specialized as it has a variety of languages to choose from on the parent unit depending on your preference, this gives it a universal touch to it. The deal gets even better since it has a vibration functionality that allows you to get silent alerts whenever your baby is in discomfort, what better time is there to raise a baby than now? Ren Woodard, a happy parent said that  “These are fantastic. Great price, no extra unnecessary bells, and whistles. The parent one has a decent battery and range, and I love that it beeps when it’s running out of battery or out of range. You can toggle how sensitive or loud you want it to be and there’s a cool talk feature that allows you to talk into the parent one so baby can hear you (I have yet to use that but I have no doubt I will as baby gets older, since I know I would have used that with my son when he was smaller.) I don’t have a screen to stare at and obsess over, it doesn’t connect over our terrible wifi so no worries there, and it lets you know if something is wrong- wrong with its system or wrong with the baby. Oh, and as you can probably tell, it’s SUPER portable!”

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